Talent Recruiting We have a substantial database of highly qualified global travel professionals and top C-level executives. Our specialized recruitment team selects candidates from a global labor pool, so you get the benefit of looking beyond the internet to attract contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire employees.

Contract and Contract-to-Hire Contract positions can be short or long-term, and have a definite end date. Contract-to-hire positions serve as a working interview to see if the position is a good fit for both parties. There is a clearly defined end date, at which time, the employee may be asked to join the team as a direct hire.

Direct Hire For direct-hire positions, the travel management company utilizes our services to find a candidate that is an excellent fit for a full-time position. The candidate applies for the position through us, and after a preliminary screening, interviews directly with the company. If an offer is extended, benefits and payroll will be provided through the travel management company.

Candidate Screening We thoroughly screen, interview, and background check candidates. We evaluate their industry skills to include GDS, international travel knowledge, and online booking tools before assigned. Once recruits have passed our rigorous standards, they are ready for your approval.

Payroll Processing Contract and contract-to-hire employees are paid on a weekly basis. Our payroll company acts as their employer on record and deals with their payroll taxes, FICA, worker’s compensation, errors and omissions, and liability insurance.

Benefit Administration Our payroll company administers a comprehensive benefits program which is offered as an option to contract and contract-to-hire employees. Benefits include direct deposit of payroll checks, as well as major medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans.