3 Ways to Keep Your Top Talent

The travel industry is booming and as the competition continues to grow, keeping your top talent is critical. Employees need to receive the tools they need to succeed, have an excellent work-life balance, feel highly valued, and maintain a strong sense of purpose in line with the company’s goals. Implementing the following practices will help fulfill these needs so your top talent will stay. 1. Make Learning a Priority To be successful in any role, […]

Top 5 Resume Mistakes To Avoid

The quality of your resume is very important. Your resume is one of the main tools that hiring managers use to determine whether candidates are a good fit or not for their companies. It is easy to make mistakes on your resume, so let us help you avoid 5 common errors. 1. Grammatical/Spelling Errors Be sure to proofread and spell check your resume! It is easiest to catch errors by reading your resume out loud […]