As technological advancements continue, remote work is becoming increasingly common. Today, several companies are taking advantage of this opportunity for their employees, and for good reason.

Top Quality Candidates

To start, virtual positions offer employers better access to top quality candidates. With the office location no longer acting as a limiting factor to applicants, the candidate pool is substantially larger. The best candidate for the position could be across the country, and that is no longer a problem.


Faster Hiring Process

In addition, the hiring process tends to be faster because a significant portion of today’s workforce prefers to work from home. That preference coupled with the possibility to work from any location places remote positions in very high demand and they fill quickly.


Happier Employees

After the hiring process is complete, the benefits continue with happier employees. Remote employees have a sense of freedom and flexibility. These factors establish a very strong sense of trust between employee and employer, and make them feel valued.


Increased Employee Productivity

Happiness can play a key role in productivity, and the majority of employees feel that they are more productive when working remotely. They have free reign with their office setup, and minimal office distractions. In addition, remote employees very rarely take sick days because they are able to work in the comfort of their homes without affecting others.

Savings for Employees & Employers

Hiring remote employees also saves money for both employee and employer. Employees save on transportation costs and employers are able to minimize office costs including those of real estate, furniture, and utilities. In addition, employers save on costs associated with employee absences and turnover because the retention rate for remote employees is higher.

Remote positions seem to offer major benefits to employees and employers. If your company is not currently offering employees the option to work full-time or even part-time remotely, it may be time to make a change!