Who takes on the roles of employees while they are vacationing or on leave? In many cases, this falls on another team member. And what happens during busy season? Oftentimes, current employees experience a significant increase in their workload. But what if there was a better solution that caused less stress and offered more assistance?

Staffing agencies maintain large databases of highly skilled and qualified candidates who have already completed a thorough screening process. These candidates have the skills and experience needed to enter the aforementioned positions seamlessly, and many are available for temporary hire.

In fact, the American Staffing Association states that the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry provides job and career opportunities for almost 15 million temporary employees per year. So what are the benefits of hiring on a temporary basis?


Companies can hire candidates for temporary assignments that last anywhere from a few hours to several years, depending on their needs. There are always quality hires available for these positions. According to CareerBuilder, the temporary workforce is currently over 3 million and growing!

Lower Hiring Costs

Temporary hires require minimal training for the positions they fill because they already have the skills and experience they need to excel. In addition, they are typically not eligible for medical/dental benefits, vacation, sick pay, and retirement.

Potential for Permanent Hire

Temporary assignments can act as a trial period to determine if the employee and company are compatible on a long-term basis. Oftentimes, temporary placements are very successful and companies extend an offer of permanent employment to temporary hires.

In recent years, companies have realized these benefits and more are working with staffing agencies to hire temporary workers. CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast shows 51% of employers plan to hire temporary/contract workers this year, an increase of 4% from 2016. The need for temporary hires is expanding and so is the satisfaction with their work.

The American Staffing Association’s research shows that in 2016, 35% of temporary hires were offered a permanent job by the company whose assignment they worked on, and that number is growing. CareerBuilder states that 63% of employers plan to offer permanent employment to temporary/ contract hires this year, an increase of over 5% from 2016.

These trends will only continue and Fiore & Associates is here to help with your global recruitment and staffing needs!